RAY of Illinois



  • Early Intervention
  • Watch Your Manners
  • Career Day
  • Bloom H.S. Intervention
  • Reclaim a Family
  • Parent Power
  • Financial Literary
  • College Orientation
  • Memorial Scholarship
  • RAY of HOPE - Grief & Loss Support
  • Youth Advisory Council (YAC)
  • Fundraising Gala

The ANNUAL COLLEGE ORIENTATION PROGRAM is held in June to bring acute awareness to parents and students on how to cope with the unexpected on college campus. Survival skills, College and Campus Safety, Alcohol and Drugs on Campus, Pros and Cons of Sorority and Fraternity Affiliations, and Seven Hot Careers are topics discussed during orientation. College orientation packets are given to each college bound student.




The EARLY INTERVENTION program is designed to stimulate students’ social and intellectual abilities through participation in activities that promote self –esteem building, conflict resolution, and appropriate communication skills in an environment where they feel valued and valuable. Pre and post evaluations show evidence of improved behavior and attitudes for those students who participate in the program.

Bloom high school Intervention

The RAY/JAY Bloom High School Program is a series of sessions held at the high school level to address issues of concern for youth. Talking points are developed around the issues based on the students own input. The range of topics are varied from parent-child relationships, teen sex, drug and alcohol use, peer relationships, to time management as it relates to school, work,  social life, and preparation for college and careers.


To equip and educate youth with the necessary skills in the areas of etiquette and social graces. To assist them in becoming well informed with the knowledge that can be used throughout their entire lives. The program  encompasses behavioral competencies, non-violence, cultural appreciation, and personal development along with the etiquette component. To promote the interaction between parents and children to strengthen the importance of social awareness.

Career Day

RAY of HOPE - Grief & Loss Support Group

RAY OF HOPE (Grief and Loss) provides a safe, supportive, healing environment for bereaved individuals and families to process the stages of grief in meaningful ways. The support program meets for seven weeks, tri-annually, totaling 21 weeks per year.

Financial Literary

Empower youth to become fiscally responsible.


RAF (Reclaim-a-Family) is a program designed in conjunction with the Early Intervention Program to identify and define roles and responsibilities within the family unit through small group sensitivity sessions that encourage caring and sharing. RAY facilitators make referrals to seek assistance from school personnel in collaboration to facilitate successful interventions to mend family discord.


Parent Power is a program designed to acknowledge, honor, and promote parental involvement with information about the importance of their roles as role models for their children and as parents who unite families and schools. When parents learn practical tips and tools for building positive relationships, improving communication skills, and enhancing self-esteem, they enjoy the transformation of their child’s desire for increase for knowledge which is critical for student achievement.

Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

The purpose of the Youth Advisory Council is to stimulate and foster the active participation of young individuals in fulfilling the vacated positions of senior leaders in RAY. Change is important in organizations to allow new leaders to learn new skills, explore new opportunities and exercise creativity in ways that ultimately benefit the organization through their new and exciting ideas.

James Mix & Sean Cater Memorial Scholarship

Since 1993, RAY has assisted deserving students by awarding 1- 4 year college/university scholarships, one - time honorarium, and hardship grants. To their humble credit, RAY has awarded over $220,000 to deserving youth.

Fundraising Gala

From the inception of the Reclaim A Youth organization, its founders, Addie Mix and Gloria Randolph envisioned a memorial scholarship fund to encourage and help the education of deserving youth.  This is in keeping with the purposes of RAY:

  • To give youth a spiritual and positive outlook on life
  • To help youth realize their potential and contribute to society