RAY Programs
The ANNUAL COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP Program provides financial assistance to
young people entering college through scholarships and awards.  In 2008/09, RAY
has set a goal to provide six to ten (6-10), $1000 4-year scholarships, renewable
annually; two to four (2-4), $500 2-year scholarships, renewable annually, and two
to four (2-4) hardship scholarships based, on need.  Scholarship applications are
sent out in January of each year and recipients are announced in June.  Over
the last sixteen years, RAY has awarded more than $165,000.00 in scholarships to
deserving youth.
RAF (Reclaim A Family) runs in conjunction with the Early
Intervention Program.  It is designed to identify and define roles and
responsibilities within the family unit, through; a) Small group
sensitivity sessions, and b) Family sessions that encourage caring and
sharing. RAY mentors make referrals to and/or seek assistance from
school personnel as needed.
The ANNUAL COLLEGE ORIENTATION Program held each year in June brings
awareness to students and parents as to what they can expect to encounter,
how to cope, how to overcome difficulties, and how to succeed in the first
critical year. This program meets twice each year. Orientation packets are given
to each college bound student.
The RAY OF HOPE (Grief & Loss) Program offers support to individuals and
families in a supportive environment in which to cope with the pain of loss
and to go through the stages of grief.  This program meets for seven (7)
weeks, three times per year totaling 21 weeks.
The EARLY INTERVENTION program is designed to help
students develop better self-esteem, to instill the
importance of education, to assist students in setting
short term goals for themselves and to assist students
with conflict resolution strategies.  As a result of this
program students are able to apply skills, strategies
and knowledge gained to improve their overall
academic performance as well as, improving conflict
resolution techniques.
During the intervention program, teachers and
facilitators meet with students at School District #167,
in Glenwood (Brookwood Jr. H.S.) bi-weekly for 90
minute sessions.
Each year we experience significant growth in the
number of students that participate in the
Intervention Program as well as favorable self-esteem
improvement, which is noted by tests administered
before and after each session to assess progress.
School administrators and Social Workers report
improved attitudes and behavior with students who
participate in our program.
RAY offers the following programs to accomplish the objectives of the organization:
Reclaim A Youth (RAY) of Illinois
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